Its light dissipates homogeneously, illuminating the space without shadows.



PATIO is a lamp with a fun design, without cables, designed to illuminate a table, either indoor or outdoor, without the need of a plug.

What we like most about the PATIO is how beautiful it is, and the fact that it can be carried anywhere. And that it does not dazzle. And that it has three intensities of light, one for each moment: the most intense to read or see what is on the plate, the middle, to have a chat or accompany a relaxing moment, and the softest for moments of more intimacy or rest, or to provide ambient lighting without strings. Its light dissipates homogeneously, illuminating the space without shadows. PATIO can be used on a bedside table, in a casual style room or in a youth room, but where it is truly ideal is in outdoor spaces, terraces or gardens, in hotels, restaurants, boats or mobile homes.

PATIO has two versions, one low and one higher, and two finishes, gold and silver. The shade is made of rotomolded polyethylene and has an anodized aluminum cover that prevents glare. It includes an LED (3W Citizen 3000K) which luminous performance is of 60lm in the low intensity, 260lm in the middle and 420lm in the maximum. It has a lithium battery that allows an autonomy of 8 hours at maximum intensity, and that is charged by a USB connector like that of an Android phone. In addition, the base has silicone bumpers to prevent it from sliding if the support surface is not stable, as in boats or motor homes.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16.5 cm

Lighting, Table Lamp


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