Atelier Vierkant presents Clay Perfumes

As a universal prime material, Clay has the power to connect people from across the globe. Used by artists, potters, ceramists, there has been an endless rethinking of the use and applications of clay throughout history; from antique Chinese porcelain to today s contemporary vessels, Clay has been continuously put into question, and has been used as the preferred medium to express knowledge.

Besides the fully colored 8 clay bodies, Atelier Vierkant launches a series of 22 engobe top-coloured clay perfumes, which can be applied on the outside of the natural clay. Engobe is a liquid clay slip applied on the outside the ceramic body, often mixed with oxides, and fired upon. The 22 fragrances are used as accents that embellish the shapes and volumes. Often they cover partly of the model, from time to time entirely, but in most cases their flavor mixes with the body of the clay on which they are applied. Engobe applications are done on demand and patterns are customized to order.


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